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24 Hours of Hell

Yesterday afternoon around one, my 21st hour in the UNC Neurosciences Hospital, I wandered over to get lunch in the Starbucks. I was running on less than three hours of sleep, and was a little slow on the uptake, but as I was waiting in line I realized that the Starbucks of the psychiatric hospital … Continue reading

2012 Was a Year

It’s hard to believe how different some things were a year ago. I was engaged, living in Chicago, unemployed, and singularly focused on getting into an MFA program. It seemed like everything was complicated and up in the air – planning the wedding, filling out applications and going to endless job interviews, and 18 MFA … Continue reading

Thoughts on Faith

I guess I’m reading a lot of provocative books lately. In addition to the motherhood book, I have been reading a whole lot about God. Some of this is because of the classes I’m taking – medieval literature is 100% Christian, 100% of the time. Flannery O’Connor is the Catholic Queen, and Cormac McCarthy has … Continue reading