Royal Baby Names: A Primer

Yes, I’m that person. I have a longstanding fascination with the British Royal Family; I think it’s amazing that such an anachronistic institution like monarchy has managed to survive into the 21st century, and particularly after the Charles/Diana/Fergie scandals of the eighties and nineties. For what it’s worth, I really think the Duke and Duchess … Continue reading

Cherish the Books

So today I finally stepped foot in the Hunt Library for the first time. The vaunted, heralded, Hunt Library, the Library of the Future, the coolest building on campus, home of the Apple Technology Showcase and the iPearl Immersion Theatre (it’s…a room made entirely of screens, I think), home of the Center for Emerging Issues … Continue reading

Once-In-A-Lifetime Concerts

One of Greg’s friends asked an interesting question on Twitter today: For classical music afficionados, what is the once-in-a-lifetime concert ticket, the equivalent of front-row tickets to U2 or Radiohead? The question really got me thinking. I have been fortunate – through my work at Boston Symphony Hall and my time in London – to … Continue reading

For Boston

The first time I saw Boston, I was ten years old. It was the biggest city I’d ever seen, then, and I loved it at first sight. I imbued it with magic. The skyscrapers, the old brownstones, the cobbled alleyways behind Faneuil Hall, the golden dome of the state house, the swan boats in the … Continue reading