She’s Home!!!!

Yesterday Greg and I went to the Wake County Animal Center to take home our amazing new doggie, Zora. She fit right in from the start.


She is a really good dog. Very responsive to us, even on a leash. She loves her crate. We have not heard a bark from her in 24 hours. Overall she’s pretty mellow; she just wants a lot of cuddles. This dog will let you pet her until the end of the world and as long as she’s in the same room as you, she’s happy.

We don’t know a whole lot about her history, but what we do know is that she was used as a breeding bitch and kept outdoors on a metal chain that left scabs and rust stains around her neck. Knowing how loving and desperate for affection she is, I am so glad that she was rescued and we were able to take her in. She is so sweet.


Tonight we took her for a long walk around Lake Johnson, a park just a few minutes away from us. Now that the weather has cooled down it’s really nice to be outdoors in the evening.

I have been wanting a dog for so long; having Zora here just makes everything better. Even coming home from a long day of classes. I mean, Greg’s great, but no single person on earth will ever be that happy to see me.

Other highlights of the week have included (but are not limited to):

– my first story got workshopped on Tuesday, and though I was momentarily terrified, it wound up being very successful and the feedback I got was illuminating and useful, everything I could ask for.

– Helping a group of undergraduates compose a sonnet. Poetry by committee is difficult to begin with. The challenge for me was not hijacking the whole thing. None of these students are English majors, and so sometimes my job was to take an idea that they gave me and translate it into poetics…other times to explain iambic pentameter. I really love teaching and this is the sort of stuff I can do all day.

– I had my first rehearsal with Raleigh Civic on Monday night. We’re playing Scheherezade, Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer, and some random piece by some random guy named Dudley Buck. At least I learned I didn’t forget how to triple tongue. Playing after taking a year off is frustrating but also kind of comical. The skills are all still there. They just give out at unexpected moments. I couldn’t help but think of Eric, who was always trying to put us in situations where shit would go wrong all the time, in order that we might have the experience of The Worst. So even though it wasn’t easy, nothing that happened on Monday night was The Worst. And some of it was really fun.

– Before my medieval literature class today, someone brought up Kate Middleton and we wound up having a really non-English-grad-student type conversation about her pretty pretty clothes and her pretty pretty face and her pretty pretty life. As the professor walked in he overheard me say, “I hear she gets beeswax facials with Camilla.” He replied, “You’re talking about Guinevere, right?”


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