Introducing: Zora!

That’s right. We’ve found the newest member of our family.

Technically, she’s not ours yet; Greg’s out of town this week, so we’re not bringing her home until next week. But she stole our hearts when we met her at the park last Friday. She’s a 5 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix, and her mission in life is covering everyone with kisses. We took her for a walk and she was very good around all the other people, dogs, and even wildlife around Lake Johnson – I’ve never seen a dog so uninterested in geese. I took it as a good sign.

According to her current foster mom, Zora is a total love bug, exactly what we want. On Saturday, Greg and I went to PetSmart to commence Operation Prepare For Doggie. We got a crate, a bed, a leash, dog bags, a harness, toys, dog food, treats…you name it, we got it. Then we went Target to buy bookshelves because we finally had a reason to get our six thousand books off the floor. After a long, sweaty afternoon, all of our books are FINALLY shelved:

This will be perfect if we never buy another book again, ever.

There’s a loooong list of things I’d like to do with this bland apartment, but getting all the books off the floor and out of boxes was a big improvement. We also tried to get all of our cleaning supplies and other things the dog might get into off the floor. We still need a lid for our trash can…or perhaps just a new trash can…but other than that, I think we’re ready for Zora to come home next week.

I think having her around is going to brighten up our life so much. We have wanted a dog for a very long time now, and we just can’t wait to bring this lovely girl home.


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